2017 MSAP Grant Competition

Peer Reviewers

The Department encourages individuals from various backgrounds and professions with content expertise to apply to be a peer reviewer for the FY 2017 Magnet Schools Assistance Program Competition. If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please see the FY 2017 Call for Peer Reviewers, which describes the necessary qualifications. The FY 2017 Peer Review is currently planned as an onsite review to be held in Washington, DC in mid/late-May. If you meet the necessary qualifications, please complete and submit the Peer Reviewer Information Checklist along with either your résumé or curriculum vitae to msap.team@ed.gov. The deadline to submit applications is March 10, 2017.

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Call for Peer Reviewers DOC

Pre-Application Webinar Materials

The pre-application webinar presentations, recordings, and transcripts will be posted here as they become available.

Webinar 4: Logic Models (2/7/17)
This webinar provides information on developing and using logic models to plan magnet programs, including aligning logic models to program design and evaluation.

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Logic Models Presentation PDF
Logic Models Recording (MP4) Video
Logic Models Recording (WMV) Video
Logic Models Transcript PDF

Webinar 3: Evidence (2/2/17)
This webinar discusses the U.S. Department of Education’s evidence definitions, the What Works Clearinghouse, and resources to help design project evaluations to produce evidence of promise.

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Evidence Presentation PDF
Evidence Recording (MP4) Video
Evidence Recording (WMV) Video
Evidence Transcript PDF

Webinar 2: School Integration (1/31/17)
In this webinar, presenters from the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights discuss school integration.

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School Integration Presentation PDF
School Integration Recording (MP4) Video
School Integration Recording (WMV) Video
School Integration Transcript PDF

Webinar 1: Overview of NIA (1/26/17)
In this webinar, the U.S. Department of Education’s MSAP team and Office for Civil Rights provide information on preparing and submitting the FY 2017 MSAP application.

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Overview of NIA Presentation PDF
Overview of NIA Recording (MP4) Video
Overview of NIA Recording (WMV) Video
Overview of NIA Transcript PDF

Notice Inviting Applications

The U.S. Department of Education published the Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) in the Federal Register on December 13, 2016. Click here to view the NIA. The application closes April 11, 2017.

The U.S. Department of Education will host pre-application webinars. Please see the information below about the webinars or check the MSAP website.

Additional Resources

Additional diversity resources are available through the Equity Assistance Centers.