COURSE 2 Mapping the Magnet Theme Into the Curriculum

Support Data-Driven Decision Making Among Teams

Most likely, data-driven decision making is already part of magnet teachers’ practice. However, it helps to remind teams that a need for change doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong. Changes in the data may reflect shifts in circumstances.

Help your teachers access and/or collect both qualitative and quantitative data so they can apply an evidence-based approach to understanding progress and identifying areas for improvement. The Reflect, Refine, and Renew: Mapping Supports New Learning (.doc) tool reinforces best practice, as teams use data from their classrooms, school, and district to identify changes they want to make.

Magnet Connector, October 2012

For an introduction to effective use of data, download the October 2012 issue of The Magnet Compass.

The Magnet Compass, October 2012