COURSE 2 Mapping the Magnet Theme Into the Curriculum

Evolve Curriculum Mapping into an Ongoing Practice

Teachers will feel a sense of accomplishment about their new curriculum maps, and they should. However, they also need to think of curriculum maps as flexible, living documents that require ongoing adjustments.

For example, curriculum maps will need to be revisited whenever there is a revision to the curriculum or site goals, or when new assessment data suggest a need for greater emphasis in a skill or content area. New developments in the district or community, or a new magnet partnership, may also need to be reflected in the maps.

Work with the school administrators and leaders who develop the site’s master schedule or calendar to ensure that teams have regular, ongoing common planning time. At the very least, set aside time at the beginning or end of each semester or academic year for teachers to revisit their curriculum maps.


As staff begin to internalize the integration of theme and instruction, it’s time to think about how to describe integration to people outside the school. Coach teachers on how to talk to parents and community members about the theme so they can speak confidently about it.