COURSE 2 Mapping the Magnet Theme Into the Curriculum

Check on Team Progress

To gauge the magnet site’s progress with theme integration, refer to your implementation timeline. Encourage the grade-level or content-area teams to continue mapping curriculum for the quarter, semester, or entire school year if they haven’t already done so. The more complete the curriculum map is, the easier it will be for the team to identify gaps in instruction, content, or skills, or to spot superfluous activities that are neither standards-based nor theme-based.

Also check on the progress of teams for whom cross-disciplinary instruction is the goal, as well as teams that are finishing up vertical alignment. Remind teams that, although magnet theme integration may have initially felt like an add-on, with time and practice, they have become more comfortable designing innovative theme-related activities and leveraging their partnerships. Soon they will see their theme woven into the curriculum in a purposeful and organic way.