Spotlight: Belaire High School's magnet programs
BRProud. Gerron Jordan. December 14, 2018.

In this classroom turned robotics lab, students enrolled in Belaire High School's magnet program are learning the fundamentals of engineering.

"We push the kids everyday to perform they’re very best" said Principal Angela Jones. "We’re a school of excellence and we hold everyone accountable" she said.

Jones is also celebrating the recent success of the school's magnet program which was just awarded the most promising magnet program in a five state region.

"We know that we have some big shoes to fill but we are up to the challenge" said Jones.  "We are fired up and ready.  We have seen some changes and we look forward to seeing more positive changes at Belaire Magnet High" she said.

Those changes are being spurred thanks in large part to the magnet schools assistance program or MSAP, which in 2017 awarded four schools in East Baton Rouge Parish a chunk of a 15 million dollar grant.  Money, that's now being reinvested back into the community through the education of these children.

Administrators at Belaire refer to their magnet offerings as RACEE; robotics, animation, coding, entertainment technology and engineering.

"With having those five different pathways they’re able to touch on different things and see what they want to do so they’ll have their mind made up before they go to college" said magnet programs coordinate Jane Silvie.

Senior Alba Vanegas chose entertainment technology and hasn't looked back.

"Right now technology is everything and people just record everything photography is like they always say a picture tales a thousand words so a video can tell us more than one thing happening as well" she said.

She says she's grateful her experience has opened her eyes to the endless world of possibilities once high school is over.

"It helped us a lot in seeing that just going to school and just learning common core wasn’t just everything we can learn more stuff in high school to see if we want to pursue it in college as well" she said.

Student success is one of the key factors that will ensure the magnet programs stick around, but the students already loving and excelling in their chosen pathways now are laying the foundation for generations to come.

"We have faced challenges in the past so we want to show the. Community how we’re overcoming those obstacles" Silvie said.

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