Norwich Public Schools: Magnet students rocking in music, environmental studies
The Bulletin. Sarah J. Herrick. February 01, 2019.

At Teachers’ Memorial Global Studies Magnet Middle School, music class is all about learning to play different instruments.

In all three grades, students perform in West African Drum ensembles, performing on instruments such as the tubano drums, gankogui, tone block, and shekere. They learn songs and sound like professional musicians. In sixth grade, students learn how to read musical notation and learn basic piano skills. They are able to play simple songs with their right hands. Currently, they are learning to play a folk song from Japan.

In seventh grade, students advance their piano skills and learn to play with both hands. Eighth grade students learn basic skills on guitar. Recently, Teachers’ received instruments from a program called Little Kids Rock. This program donated brand-new ukuleles to the school. Students will be learning to play popular songs on the ukulele, including songs from Disney movies and songs on the radio.

Moriarty Magnet

Moriarty Earth Club is an exciting after-school program that has been in existence for several years at Moriarty Environmental Sciences Magnet School.

It consists of 14 fourth and fifth grade students who have a passion for the environment. Over the years, the Earth Club students have done an energy audit and grounds surveys. They have planned and installed butterfly and sidewalk gardens, and worked with the custodian to develop a meadow that has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a certified Schoolyard Habitat.

Students painted the school emblem as a mural in the library hallway at Moriarty. This year’s awesome students wrote and starred in videos to explain composting and recycling procedures for all Moriarty students. They have readied the gardens for winter.

Students were on hiatus for December and January, but will return in February full force. They will continue the tradition of mural painting, as they design and plan seasonal nature paintings for the Student Center. They will participate in the annual Moriarty Health Fair on April 10.

The biggest plan on the agenda so far is to research and implement how to successfully plant milkweed in the meadow so there can be a waystation and nursery for the monarch butterflies.


On Jan. 18, eighth grade Kelly STEAM Magnet Middle School students Nirelle Davis and AJ Dollinger were recognized at the MLK Birthday Remembrance Luncheon at Norwich Free Academy.

Nirelle and AJ each shared a line from Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech and spoke about how his words resonated with them. It was such a proud and emotional day.

Kelly STEAM ended the month with a wonderful evening of celebration with their Winter Band Concert and Art Display. Allison Beit and her nearly 200 instrumentalist students performed their hearts out. The beautiful work created by Jessica Monahan and Jessie Wraichette’s art students lined the hallway as family and friends entered the concert.

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