ONU students visit South Science and Technology Magnet for STEM Day
HometownStations.com. Joseph Sharpe. March 19, 2019.

It was a day of circuitry, architecture, and design for some Lima City School students.

Tuesday was "STEM Day" at Lima's South Science and Technology Magnet school as students from Ohio Northern University stepped into the classroom. ONU engineering students choose 2-schools a semester to teach middle school students about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It's all in hopes of getting the younger generation interested in "STEM" related majors when they head to college. The day is an education for not only the younger students but the college students as well.

"We are building circuits and seeing how they connect and how all these things work and previously in the other classroom we did how like building architecture with modeling clay and toothpicks," said Vanisa Sinthalaphone, 6th grader at South.

"Most of everyone is an engineering major actually though so they need to learn how to talk to people that aren't of an engineering background cause you see a lot about engineers not knowing how to talk to other people about ordinary everyday things because they sound like engineers so this really helps them sort of break through that mold and be able to talk to anyone about engineering things," explained Will Seiraputowski, ONU Engineering Education Major.

The ONU students also talked about what being an engineering major is like and took questions from the younger students.

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