Mural artist Eduardo Mendieta transforms the look of these Palm Beach County schools
The Palm Beach Post. Wilkine Brutus. March 13, 2019.

When students gaze toward the sky as they walk inside Carver Middle School’s lush green courtyard, a mural of scientists Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein and George Carruthers painted on the side of the school’s roof, will gaze back at them. The mural artist says school helped shape his unconventional path into art.

“Once I got into art, through graffiti, I started taking art classes,” said Eduardo Mendieta, 45, of West Palm Beach. The sought-after artist and graphic designer’s work adorns several spaces in downtown West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. “When I graduated from high school and I started to do gallery shows, faux painting and traditional decorative art. I learned more traditional art that way and it kinda evolved into coming back to what I started with, which is large-scale murals.”

Mendieta says he hopes the painting of decorated individuals inspire students to challenge themselves.

After Mendieta’s initial designs at Carver Middle and H.L. Watkins Middle, he is set to continue his work at Grove Park Elementary, Palmetto Elementary, and Congress Middle. The schools make up the 2016 cohort of the Magnet Schools Assistance Program Grant (MSAP), a Department of Education initiative that invest in new tech-driven curriculum structures that improve the overall quality of teaching and learning.

It was a bureaucratic detail that brought the touch of beauty to the schools. The idea of having murals painted at each Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) grant school was written into the original federal grant application to satisfy one of the campus-beautification requirements of the grant, says Justin Roy, marketing specialist at Palm Beach County School District.

“Eduardo Mendieta was identified through a search of local artists that had work commensurate to what we were looking to portray throughout the five MSAP schools.” After his initial designs at Carver Middle and H.L. Watkins Middle, we decided to continue to use Mendieta because of his outstanding work, and the continuity of design throughout,” Roy wrote in an email to The Post.

As part of the three-year grant, Mendieta painted murals in 2017 on Carver Middle School of aviation pioneers Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison. He continued his mural work in 2018 on the northeast side of the school’s roof with a painting of agricultural pioneer George Washington Carver, for whom the school is named after.

“Putting artwork in public spaces makes art for everyone,” said Eduardo Mendieta. “The people that just don’t know about it or don’t really care about it but then see it in the space where they’re going to be anyway - it gives an impact.”

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