STEAM Night showcases student’s talents Sam Shriver. April 24, 2019.

LIMA — As the school year winds down, the students are ready to show what they’ve learned.

Over at South Science and Technology Magnet School, the students demonstrated their skills Wednesday night.

“We’re having our STEAM night. It’s an annual event we have in the spring for our families to come in and have a chance to be exposed to a lot of different opportunities and content in science and technology and also mathematics. We have artwork on display as well and some of the engineering work the students are doing in the classroom as well,” said Chad Fallis, principal at South.

“Some of these projects, they have been working for months,” said Fallis.

Besides the students at South, there were participants from the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District, Lima Senior Rover team, Lima Senior Face Painters, Lima Astronomical Society, SESA, Virtual Reality and OSU Tech Wizards.

Also announced was the winner of the seventh-grade Rube Goldberg contest.

The winning team was “Glitter Fam” represented by members Hailey Hahn, Hayden Cross-Paisley and Randall Allen.

Jessica Spencer, a science teacher at South, explained the Rube Goldberg contest was more than just marble hits another marble.

“The kids had to know about various of energy, types of waves, they had to take that into account when they’re designing their Rube Goldberg because it required all of these different energy types to be a part of it,” Spencer said. “They had to plan their machine ahead of time. They could not build until they already had a blueprint and step-by-step instructions.”

Once the plans were made, the students dealt with changes.

“If they run into some issues there, that’s where they really have to be engineers because they’re going to find this thing we thought was going to work, doesn’t work,” said Spencer.

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