COURSE 1 Facilitating Magnet Theme Integration

Assessing Theme Visibility

student pointing to pinboard

Part of building a shared understanding of the mission and goals of a magnet school is building the visibility of the magnet theme within the school and surrounding community.

This lesson offers tools and ideas for supporting the Magnet Identity Team as it assesses knowledge of the school theme and helps to brand and publicize the theme for greater recognition and pride. Ultimately, a clear identity of the theme may contribute to sustained enrollment, continued funding, and dynamic partnerships.


When forming the Magnet Identity Team, remember that parents/guardians or other community members may have experience in marketing. Invite them to join or serve as consultants for the team.


  • Assess understanding of magnet theme
  • Gain clarity on theme visibility and understanding
  • Develop an action plan
  • Propose ideas for reinforcing the magnet theme