COURSE 1 Facilitating Magnet Theme Integration

Connecting Theme, Students, and Community

students hugging and smiling

When schools, families, and the community work together to support student learning, students do better in school. Community partnerships bolster a school’s presence in the neighborhood and district, strengthen the student and teacher learning experience, and stabilize a magnet program for long-term sustainability. In short, partnerships are key to a magnet program’s success.

This lesson centers on the Community Connections Team, which advances a rigorous and innovative curriculum through exploring ways to connect the magnet theme to students and to the community. The work is multifaceted and will evolve over time, focusing on exploring new learning opportunities through community partnerships, broadening outreach to increase community capacity, and capitalizing on existing opportunities in the community.


A successful Community Connections Team should include staff and parents with diverse expertise to spark ideas that the team can share with the leadership. Also, involve a school administrator who has knowledge of relevant magnet school and district policies and practices.


  • Build sustainable partnerships
  • Explore partnership opportunities
  • Engage parent and family support
  • Create a common understanding and vision