COURSE 1 Facilitating Magnet Theme Integration

Leading Theme Integration

students looking at work pinned to board

Theme integration will look different at every magnet program site, depending on the theme and whether implementation is at whole school or partial school level. Whichever integration design a school chooses, staff and teams need to know that support is available.

Facilitation Team

The Facilitation Team–the project director, a school site administrator, and school-level instructional leaders–is established first and performs the following functions for the other theme integration teams:

  • acts as information hub and liaison
  • recruits membership
  • monitors and supports work
  • provides guidance and oversees action plans for coherence and consistency with the magnet program vision outlined in the MSAP application.


  • Gauge school readiness for professional collaboration
  • Frame the work of teams and track progress
  • Commit to making the action plan a living document
  • Increase team knowledge on integration design