COURSE 1 Facilitating Magnet Theme Integration

Leveraging Theme-Related Practices

students traditional dancing with flags

Perhaps your programs have begun assessing familiarity with the magnet program theme in the community and working on ways to increase theme visibility in the immediate and larger school community. Branding and marketing the theme to the community is critical to growing and sustaining program enrollment, but such promotion only scratches the surface. The real challenges and rewards come when you focus on the core of the magnet program—curriculum, instruction, and learning.

This lesson explores how to form a new team, the Curriculum Connections Team, to guide the faculty in identifying and leveraging existing theme-based practices. The Curriculum Connections Team will engage the whole faculty in examining theme integration practices already in use, and then develop a work plan for supplementing existing practices or scaling them up for schoolwide implementation.


When forming a Curriculum Connections Team, ensure there are teacher representatives for all grade levels and most content areas, including those disciplines that don’t seem to have an obvious connection with the magnet theme.


  • Identify and build from existing strengths
  • Increase knowledge of theme integration
  • Guide staff toward a standards-based curriculum