COURSE 2 Mapping the Magnet Theme Into the Curriculum

Instituting a Cycle of Improvement

children and teacher in classroom

During the activities described in this course, you and the Facilitation Team have been guiding teacher teams as they work to integrate the magnet theme into the curriculum. That work has included articulating an integrated curriculum design for the site, selecting a Pilot Team, developing an implementation timeline, guiding processes for mapping standards and theme into the curriculum, and scaling up the integration initiative to involve other content-area and grade-level teachers.

This lesson discusses making theme integration and curriculum mapping part of a cycle of improvement. Here, you will introduce teachers to an ongoing practice of examining, reflecting on, and refining theme integration efforts. The goal here is to help teachers gain the ability to examine and improve their practice.


  • Check on team progress
  • Evolve curriculum mapping into an ongoing practice
  • Reflect and refine to improve practice
  • Support data-driven decision making among teams