COURSE 2 Mapping the Magnet Theme Into the Curriculum

Mapping Curriculum for a Coherent Program


Curriculum mapping is effective for building a coherent, standards-based program. If done with an eye toward the magnet theme, curriculum mapping can be a powerful professional development activity to improve theme integration and program rigor.

How a magnet site begins curriculum mapping within the larger theme integration process will depend on the site’s past use of curriculum maps. Some sites may be developing curriculum maps for the first time. Other sites will have existing standards-based curriculum maps they can expand on (e.g., by integrating theme-related learning into a new project or unit, trying a different pedagogical approach, arranging externships for teachers or students, or creating a new course).

This lesson provides step-by-step guidance in how to help teams create or expand curriculum maps to include magnet theme connections. The lesson also suggests discussion topics for bringing structure and transparency to the process. The more clarity you can provide to teachers, the better they will be able to anticipate challenges and expectations during the process of theme integration.


  • Introduce the mapping process
  • Identify primary map components