COURSE 2 Mapping the Magnet Theme Into the Curriculum

Scaling the Strategy

high school students looking

Once the Pilot Team has prepared a curriculum map, it’s time to support other teams through the process. Scaling up and aligning efforts across other grades and/or content areas creates a learning progression and strengthens teacher communication and collaboration, all of which can improve instruction and student achievement.

This lesson focuses on designing, strengthening, and extending magnet theme connections across content areas and grade levels. The activities in this lesson create opportunities for the Pilot Team to share its curriculum maps with colleagues, thereby initiating a new cycle of curriculum mapping among staff. Expanding the number of teachers who are engaged in the curriculum mapping process will move your program forward in its effort to establish a coherent, theme-focused, integrated curriculum.


  • Create a sharing environment for curriculum mapping
  • Lead new teams through curriculum mapping
  • Support vertical alignment through cross-grade collaboration
  • Develop overarching questions