COURSE 1 Facilitating Magnet Theme Integration

Creating Theme Integration Teams

students collaborating

A magnet program’s success and sustainability relies on the collective efforts of staff, who should be involved in every step of the decision-making process. When teachers and administrators collaborate on key magnet theme integration issues such as branding, curriculum development, and partnerships, they share the learning load and become invested and empowered in developing a thriving, dynamic magnet program.

Teams offer magnet program staff opportunities to build shared visions and common understandings of their specific themes as they engage in job-embedded learning. This lesson offers facilitation guidelines as you prepare staff for effective team collaboration and introduces four school-level teams that can work toward theme integration at each magnet site.

Each team focuses on a specific aspect of theme integration and, for its component, is expected to assess program strengths and needs; develop an action plan; and share learnings with the other teams, the school community, and members of the magnet program learning community.


  • Recruit teams strategically and thoughtfully
  • Identify theme integration teams