School spotlight: new mural at FAIR School Crystal
CCX Media. Shannon Slatton. October 10, 2019.

The principal of FAIR School Crystal hopes a new mural at the school’s entrance will stop passersby in their tracks. A grant commissioned an artist to work with students, staff and community members on the new mural. Parents got to paint on the mural during parent-teacher conferences and Crystal Police stopped by to paint a little bit too.

“When I look at this mural, it says community to me. It says family,” said Principal Zoraba Ross. “We have our students, we have our teachers and we have our parents. Then we have the community coming together to put this mural together with Victor.”

Victor Yepez is a Minneapolis artist who is guiding the school through the mural process. He works as a sculptor, muralist, teaching artist and public artist.

“There’s not a better way to make art. It’s gotta be with the community,” explained Yepez.

The school won a grant that made the mural a reality. Students not only had a voice in the design, but will learn brush techniques and color theory too. When the mural is completed, a student-written artist statement will be displayed next to the mural. The statements will explain each class’s artistic choices in the design of the mural.

The mural will focus on the three “A’s” of the school, as in arts, academics, and athletics.

But students and teachers hope people will notice the message of the mural too.

“It’s not just an arts school, but a school that cares about the kids,” said Lanayja Heinks-Fluker.

The mural will also be in the shape of a dragon, which is the school’s mascot.

FAIR School Crystal is an arts magnet school that serves middle school students.

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