Carver Elementary playground receives a communication tool
SCNOW. Lauren Owens. November 01, 2019.
Florence, S.C.— Carver Elementary Magnet School recently installed a communication board on the kindergarten playground that allows students to communicate more easily.

Carver is the first school in the district to receive a communication board on the playground.

The communication board contains tiles with pictures and words that can be used to express students’ feelings or what they would like to do. The student can point to the different tiles to communicate.

The communication board uses images that are similar to those in programs that the schools use when working with students.

Kandee Shelor, a speech therapist at Carver Elementary, said there are several children who do not have the ability to use spoken words as easily as other children so the communication board gives them a way to communicate.

“We believe communication is a huge tool for success for our kids,” Shelor said. “It opens up so many opportunities when they have the opportunity to communicate.”

Meagan Johnson, a kindergarten teacher at Carver Elementary, said the communication board has allowed students to better communicate with peers and teachers.

“It’s given our students the chance to go out there and communicate with each other,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she got the idea for implementing a communication board to the playground after seeing a post with one on Facebook. She shared the post, and the parent-teacher organization president expressed the PTO’s support of getting one for Carver Elementary.

The school worked closely with Rachelle Johnson, an assistive technology team lead for the district, to design the communication board.

This fall, the communication board was added to the kindergarten playground.

Shelor said they are also looking at adding a communication board to the cafeteria to facilitate with children communicating in the lunchroom.

Rachelle said it’s the district’s goal to have communication boards at several schools in Florence One. She said the district is currently researching how to best implement the boards at several schools.

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