Advanced technology flourishes at one of Duval's schools that used to perform poorly
Action News Jax. Alicia Tarancon. November 20, 2019.
Jacksonville, Fla. — Cybersecurity, video game design, biomechanics and drone flight academy are all classes that make Andrew Jackson High School a hub for advanced technology.

It’s the reason why Devonte Grant, a junior, decided to attend the school.

Right now, he’s creating his own virtual reality world.

“It’s got jump scares, monsters, I made a giant maze for the area,” Grand said.

The high school also teaches a cybersecurity class modeled after a college-level course at FSCJ.

Inside the class, students learn about how to prevent security breaches and hacking.

But Andrew Jackson High wasn’t always this innovative. It used to be one of the lowest-performing schools in the state.

It was converted to a magnet school and in 2016, went from a “D” ranking to a “B” with the help of the principals and staff.

It's now one of the few high schools using Microsoft programs to teach students about technology.

“Definitely transformed the school to a dedicated magnet and attract students who are definitely more focused on careers and college,” Dr. Tracolya Clinch, the principal, said.

Four years ago, these resources weren’t available to the students at the high school, but today  they’re using cutting edge technology to prepare them for tomorrow’s high-tech jobs.

Sophomore Autumn Thomas said these classes are helping her decide what she wants to do after she graduates.

“I really like video games, and with the video games, I can put my artistic skill into the video games," Thomas said.

Andrew Jackson High School believes that by exposing these students early to technology, it not only puts them ahead of the curve in college, but it’ll give them an upper hand in securing an IT or Cybertechnology-based career down the line.

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