STEM camp in Florence offers hands-on winter activities
SCNow. Rebecca Cross. January 05, 2018.

Before it snowed Wednesday in the Pee Dee, it was snowing at The Quest Zone’s Wonders of Winter STEM Camp.
Creating snow is just one of the activities students completed last week. Instructors integrated a winter theme into many science, technology, engineering and math activities. Kimberlee Robinson, site director for The Quest Zone, said students enjoy the hands-on aspect of STEM activities.
Alexis Moore, a student at the camp, said she enjoys the collaborative learning style.
“I like to be in groups like this,” Alexis said. “To have people helping me out helps me learn.”
Alexis said her favorite activity was making ice glaciers out of coffee, rice and shaving cream.
“The activities are cool,” said Sierra Simmons, another student.
Robinson said students often want to recreate the activities outside of The Quest Zone’s learning space. They become the teachers as they gather friends together and pass along their knowledge of STEM subjects.
“They put that same information out [to others],” Robinson said. “I find that amazing.”
Florence is one of two Quest Zone sites in the region that put on the Wonders of Winter STEM Camp. The curriculum was developed by The Quest Zone’s regional director. This week, other directors in the region were scheduled to visit the Florence site to observe activities. They plan to integrate the curriculum at their sites.
The Quest Zone offers after-school programming in addition to summer and winter camps for students ages 5-12. Robinson said her site tries to regularly integrate STEM activities into the after-school program as well.
Sierra said she enjoys The Quest Zone’s learning space because she always feels safe and comfortable.
“I’m glad I have the opportunity to shine a light on children’s lives and make them feel comfortable,” Robinson said.

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